Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

plus Cash Bingo!










Wests Ashfield is the place to play bingo, with a dedicated bingo room hosting several large screen televisions showing bingo live in action.

20 full house bingo games played during each session with $30 Gift Cards to be won plus 1 x $50 jackpot game.

Why not try your luck at winning our Cash Jackpot where you could win up to $24,000 cash or enter the Second Chance Draw to win a $5,000 Cruise.

Books 9:00am | Games 9:30am
Books 12:30pm | Games 1:00pm

Books 9:00am | Games 9:30am

Books 9:00am | Games 9:30am

Maxi Bingo
Books 12:30pm | Games 12:50pm
25 games @ $40 gift cards
Every 5th game up to $60
Jackpot game win up to $70

Books 9:00am | Games 9:30am

Cash Bingo
Books 12:30pm | Games 1:00pm

Bingo to the Max
Books 12:00pm | Games 12:45pm
30 x $40 Games | Every 5th game worth $70

Cash bingo terms and conditions apply. Prize money based on ticket sales. Authorised under NSW permit number GOCMJH/2063