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Updated Monday  10 May 2021

Extended COVID Restrictions to 12.01am Monday May 17

The NSW Government has made it mandatory for all hospitality venues to use the Service NSW QR code to check-in our Members and Guests.

The check-in process for all three venues is as follows:-

  1. Scan the QR Code shown at the entry, follow and complete the prompts
  2. Present your completed QR on your phone to our staff

For all the latest information of venues, dates and health advice, please click here ;

In accordance with NSW Public Health Advice, Wests Ashfield would encourage anyone who has visited any of the Hotspots outlined on their website to stay at home, get tested and avoid visiting the Club for the next 14 days.

Wests Ashfield Leagues takes our responsibility to consistently be COVIDSafe very seriously. We will continue to operate with intentions to keep our staff and patrons safe.


Monday 19 April 2021















Attention Members and Guests,

Due to upgrade of the electricity network conducted by Ausgrid, we will be facing a temporary power outage from 7.30am- 3pm.

Please be advised that Wests Sports Croydon will be operating from 3.30pm – 10pm on Monday 3 May 2021.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.




Wednesday 7 April 2021

In Memory of Tom Raudonikis













The Wests Ashfield Leagues community is deeply saddened by the news that Western Suburbs Magpies legend Tom Raudonikis has passed away.

Club Chairman Mike Bailey OAM spoke for all members when he said ‘this is a very sad day for the Magpies and Rugby League in general. Tommy epitomised everything that was good about our game displaying courage, leadership, skill and passion every time he took the field. In retirement he was revered by teammates, opponents and fans alike. His love of football and life in general was always on display. Our thoughts are with Tommy’s partner Trish and his loved ones.’

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Dine and Discover has launched at Wests Ashfield Leagues! The Garden and Golden Times are now accepting the NSW Government Dining vouchers, See the below information on the terms and conditions of the vouchers should you be asked;

  • No change will be given from the vouchers
  • The vouchers cannot be used to purchase Alcohol, Tobacco/Cigarettes or used for gaming
  • The vouchers are able to be used Monday – Sunday (Including public holidays)
  • Customers can combine their vouchers towards the same bill. However, each customer can only redeem one voucher at either Golden Times or The Garden per day.

For more information or to claim your vouchers please visit the Service NSW website

Friday 1 January 2021

Valued Members and Guests,

The NSW Government has made it mandatory for all hospitality venues to use the Service NSW QR code to check-in our Members and Guests.

Effective immediately, the check-in process for all three venues is as follows:-

  1. Scan the QR Code shown at the entry, follow and complete the prompts
  2. Present yourself to our staff for a temperature check
  3. Present your completed QR on your phone to our staff


What if my phone can’t read QR codes?

We would suggest downloading the Service NSW app prior to entry. There is a QR Code reader in the app and it also saves your details so you don’t have to re-enter them every time you enter one of our venues.

My camera doesn’t have a phone, or I don’t have a phone at all.

Not a problem. Please see one of our friendly staff and they’ll happily enter your details for you.

Why is my information being collected?
Service NSW will only collect your name and telephone number, along with the date and time of entry into the venue. This information is all that is required by them to be able to contact you to inform you of any requirements due to contact exposure to COVID 19, should they need to. This information is cleared after 28 days.

I don’t want to share my details.

Wests Ashfield is acting in accordance to the recent Public Health Order. Under this Order, it is a requirement that any visitors to a venue register their details to assist with contact tracing. If you choose not to provide your details, you’ll be refused entry.

For any updates, please visit our website

Stay safe, look after one another and we look forward to seeing you at Wests Ashfield Leagues.

Yours sincerely


Monday 21st December 2020

In accordance with NSW Public Health Advice, Wests Ashfield would encourage anyone who has visited any of the Hotspots outlined on their website to stay at home, get tested and avoid visiting the Club for the next 14 days.

For all the latest information of venues, dates and health advice, please visit;

Wests Ashfield Leagues takes our responsibility to consistently be COVIDSafe very seriously. We will continue to operate with intentions to keep our staff and patrons safe.

Monday 28 September 2020


As of Friday 25 September 2020, the amalgamation between Wests Ashfield Leagues and Balmain Leagues Club was finalised. This is the culmination of members from both Wests Ashfield and Balmain Leagues respectively voting to amalgamate in September of 2019.

“On behalf of the management team and staff of Wests Ashfield Leagues, I would like to congratulate the board and management of Balmain Leagues for their cooperation in bringing this unification to fruition.

This would not be possible without the diligence and determination shown by the Board, to take the opportunity to become a unified body.

The amalgamation will provide an opportunity for the prosperity and security of both Wests Tigers and the local Balmain Rugby League.

We look forward to growing the brand within our community into the future and are excited to see where we can go from here.”

Simon Cook, CEO

“This amalgamation is a major step forward in the development of Wests Ashfield Leagues Club and it provides support to strengthen the footprint of Wests Tigers.

Members of both Wests and Balmain voted overwhelmingly to support the amalgamation process when it was put to separate meetings in September 2019, with final approval having now been granted.

Management teams from both Wests Ashfield and Balmain Leagues made major c

ontributions towards this end and I take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been involved including my fellow Board Members, CEO Simon Cook, and the management team.

Amalgamating the two clubs underwrites the security of Wests Tigers along with assisting the Balmain Rugby League competition, and support will continue to be provided to the operations of Wests Magpies.

It provides greater opportunities for the growth and development of Wests Ashfield and it offers both Wests and Balmain a positive platform to work together.”

Mike Bailey, Chairman

Friday, 24th July 2020


In the very best interest of our staff, members, guests, community and in response to NSW Public Health advice the following Conditions of Entry Apply:-

  • Upon entering the Club, Patrons are to sanitize their hands
  • Temperature checks will be taken. Entry will be denied to anyone with a temperature greater than 37.5 degrees
  • Your Membership Card or Drivers License (in the case of a Visitor) will be swiped
  • If you reside in a Hotspot area, you will be asked a series of questions. We reserve the right to deny entry to any patron wishing to enter.
  • Members are required to swipe their Membership Card upon exiting the Club. Visitors are required to surrender their Visitor slip which includes a valid contact phone number.
  • Upon leaving the Club, Patrons are to sanitize their hands

We reserve the right to deny entry to any patron wishing to enter

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 65th Annual General Meeting of Western Suburbs Leagues Club Limited as postponed due to the temporary closure of the Club has now been rescheduled and will take place on Saturday, 11 July 2020 at 10.00am.

Hard copies of the Annual Report together with the Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting will be available on the day.



Sunday, 31 May 2020

COVID-19 Procedures

Wests Ashfield is delighted to be able to open our doors and welcome back our staff, members and guests from Monday, 1st June. In order to comply with NSW Government restrictions and keep everyone safe, things will be a little different in the Club.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community, the following conditions and practices will be implemented in accordance with restrictions as outlined by the NSW Government:

· Each area within the Club has been given a total capacity to comply with physical distancing measures
· Our staff have completed COVID-19 training to ensure that they comply with hygiene guidelines
· ‘Mingling marshals’ will be appointed to assist with any concerns, questions and ensure the safety of everyone within the Club
· The Garden Bar will be operating as a ‘card only’ outlet
· There will be directional signage and reminders of physical distancing
· There will be no cutlery, glass or plate settings on tables
· Staff will maintain as much distance as possible between members and guests
· Increased cleaning of common touchpoints
· Additional sanitizing stations and wipes have been installed
· For monitoring purposes, members and guests will be required to sign in and out of the Club
· The Garden and Golden Times Chinese Restaurant will not accept bookings greater than 10 people
· The Garden and Golden Times Chinese Restaurant will not hold more than 50 people at one time

We thank you for your understanding at this time and look forward to seeing you all again at Wests Ashfield.

Simon Cook

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

We’re back!

Dear Members and Guests,

Wests Ashfield is excited to announce that at 9.00am on Monday 1st June, our doors will open once again!

We have been working diligently to ensure that your Club is compliant with all Government guidelines and will be enforcing best practice to keep our staff and community safe.

At this time, all promotions, entertainment and functions are on hold, however, we will continue to monitor the situation.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you back.


Simon Cook | CEO

Sunday, 17 May 2020

In Memory of Arthur Summons

On behalf of all the staff, board and management at Wests Ashfield Leagues, we would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Arthur Summons, following his passing on Saturday, the 16th of May.


Arthur Summons was renowned for his talent and charisma both on and off the field. A talented rugby league and union player, Summons had a remarkable career in both representing Australian on the international stage and in playing for the Western Suburbs Magpies.


Arthur was the quintessence of rugby league, he embodied all that a player should be. He had undeniable talent, was a fierce competitor, and processed a loveable and warm character which made him loved by all both on and off the field.


Our thoughts are all with Arthur’s wife Pam and his family during this time. Rugby League has lost a true icon.“

Monday, 23 March 2020

Temporary Closure due to COVID-19

Dear Members and Guests


As you are all no doubt aware, last night the Prime Minister announced that further measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 would be introduced that will require the temporary closure of all licensed venues and it is with much sadness that I inform you Wests Ashfield is now closed effective immediately.


It has always been the focal point of Wests Ashfield to provide support for our members and guests; now more than ever we ask that we care for one another. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our community for their ongoing words of kindness and support.


We will continue to remain positive and are confident that once we have all come through this challenging time, Wests will be back in operation and welcoming in our members and guests once more.


For more information please visit


Follow us to stay up to date with all information


Stay safe, look after one another and we look forward to seeing you again soon at Wests Ashfield.

Yours sincerely


Monday, 23 March 2020

Postponement of AGM

As a result of the fluid situation concerning COVID-19, please be advised that the 65th Annual General Meeting of Western Suburbs Leagues Club Ltd has been postponed.

In consultation with the Board of Directors, the Club has acted in accordance with the Government’s recent announcement regarding a ban on indoor gatherings of 100 or more persons.

The Board of Directors will establish a new date for the Annual General Meeting in due course. As per the Constitution, the Club will provide notice of the rescheduled Annual General Meeting, twenty-one days in advance to Club Members.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding of the Club implementing such measures at this time.


Monday, 16 March 2020

Important update RE COVID-19

To all members,


The Board and Management at Wests Ashfield understand that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating extreme uncertainty in the population and naturally unsettling many of our members. We would like to assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely and adapting our hygiene practices in line with the best advice from NSW Health; we will continue to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of our members.


Our primary concern is to protect the health of our valued members within the community at this time. Wests Ashfield has begun to implement a variety of safety measures in order to ensure that the Club can continue operation to the best capacity possible, whilst keeping the community safe.


Some of these methods of protection include, but are not limited to:


                                  • Implementing safe social distancing in all locations, including the gaming floor where we are activating every second machine only
                                  • Installing multiple sanitising stations across the venue
                                  • Frequent sanitisation of ‘high touch areas’ including bathrooms, door handles and buttons
                                  • Review of cleaning products and policies
                                  • Ongoing deep cleans of the venue throughout the day
                                  • Modifying operations within both restaurants to conduct the best practices available


All scheduled entertainment will continue as planned; the Club will continue to operate as a safe and reliable venue.


We will continue to respond and implement changes as advised by NSW Health regarding COVID-19 with customer and employee safety top of mind.


We encourage any members with any concerns in regards to COVID-19, to contact the Coronavirus COVID-19 Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 or visit the Department of Health website here.

Yours sincerely


Simon Cook | CEO

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Amalgamation outcome: Wests Ashfield – Balmain Leagues Club

Dear Members,

As you would be aware, last week there were two very important meetings in the history of Western Suburbs Leagues Club Ltd (Wests Ashfield) and Balmain Leagues Club (Balmain).

The first meeting on the evening of Wednesday 18th September, saw Balmain members vote in favour of the proposed amalgamation or takeover by Wests Ashfield.

The following evening, Thursday 19th September, the members of Wests Ashfield, voted almost unanimously to support the amalgamation proposal.  The support extended to keep alive our fellow foundation club is an important historical moment involving both clubs.

Following both sides of the membership base approving the amalgamation, an application is being lodged for final approval from the NSW Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Once this is received, it’s full steam ahead to transfer Balmain Leagues Club’s 12,000 memberships, along with the profitable Tigers Sydney Markets Club operation and associated assets to Wests Ashfield.

Included in the amalgamation and to continue fostering and propagating the game of rugby league, the Balmain Tigers Rugby League Football Club will be funded by Wests Ashfield.  This does not change our continuing support for the operations of Wests Magpies, which has been in place since 1955.

The former Rozelle site of Balmain operations remains the subject of consideration by the State Government, for the use of its land as a possible excavation entryway or “dive site” for the Western Harbour Tunnel.  If the State Government were not to proceed with further consideration of this matter, an agreement for a lease for uses of the property will be entered into with the current developer and is subject to due diligence and terms that are favourable to Wests Ashfield.

I wish to thank everyone who has been involved with this process and a special mention to my fellow Board members; our CEO, Simon Cook and his management team, for their due diligence and you, our members.


Mike Bailey

Chairman | Wests Ashfield


VALE – John Chalk AM

Balmain Tigers are deeply saddened at the passing of life member John Chalk AM.

Undoubtedly a legend of the Balmain Tigers, Chalk started as a ball boy for the Tigers in 1955. He served as both a manager and selector with the Jersey Flegg teams in the 1970s and 80s, before joining the Balmain Tigers Board in 1985. He became Chairman in 1997 and was the inaugural Chairman of Wests Tigers.

John also served on the NSWRL, ARL and NRL boards from 2001 onwards, serving as NSWRL and ARL Chairman from 2010-2012. He has been President of NSWRL since 2013 and was awarded Life Membership in 2015. He was recognised at the NSWRL Centre of Excellence in 2019 with a room named in his honour.

In 2016, Chalk was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) “for significant service to rugby league as an administrator at the state and national level, and to Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.”

Few have served our club, nor our game, for as long and with as much distinction as John Chalk.

The thoughts of everyone in the Balmain Tigers community are with John’s wife Lyn and their family in this difficult time.

One of the great Tigers, John will be sorely missed by all in our game.

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Friday 22 March 2019


The Board of Wests Ashfield wishes to address matters that were raised through a report in The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) of 22 March 2019: “Balmain saved from brink of extinction with new leagues club to come”.

There is a very, very long way to go before achieving the end result of what is the headline, covering that story.

No final “deal” has been arranged in relation to the future of Balmain and their leagues clubs, which were put into voluntary administration late last year.

Directors of Wests Ashfield have agreed to become involved in negotiations that ultimately will play a role in determining the future of those clubs.

This action has been taken on the basis that any final outcome of this matter will result in producing arrangements that are commercially viable to the financial and other interests of our Club at Ashfield and to its continuing commitment to supporting our community commitments including Wests Tigers and Wests Magpies.

It should be noted that ultimately, any decision on finalising arrangements will require the approval of members of both Wests Ashfield Leagues and Balmain Leagues.

This is a most important point and, to be fair, it’s one that was mentioned in the second paragraph of the SMH story.

In the short term, business arrangements will continue as they have been regarding all of our operations and Wests Ashfield Leagues Club will continue supporting Wests Tigers and Wests Magpies and junior football in our region.