Community Citizenship Award Nomination Guidelines


Nominations are restricted to two (2) per school. 

The nominee/s work must have been completed prior to submitting a nomination to be valid.

Nominations Close: Friday 2 August 2019

Please address the following criterion when completing your nomination form.


  • Primary School Individual
  • Primary School Team
  • Secondary School Individual
  • Secondary School Team

Describe the nominee’s/team work?

What the nominee does

Who are the beneficiaries of the nominees work?

Tell us what is special about this nominee’s/team and his/her/their work?

What makes this nominee/team special e.g. volunteering, leading?

Tell us about the benefits of the nominee’s/team work. What the nominee/s achieves through their work

What benefits does the nominee’s/team work have on the organisation/school as well as the local and wider communities?

Tell us any other important aspects of the nominee’s work, such as obstacles overcome; innovation; initiative; dedication; broader benefits of the work etc.

Any other information that might add weight to the nomination.

Complete a Nomination Form