Expressions of Interest Club Debenture



Expressions of Interest

Wests Ashfield Leagues Club Debenture

Members are again invited to express interest in acquiring a Western Suburbs Leagues Club Debenture. The intent of this call is to further diversify the talent pool of candidates, in the interests of providing future Club Boards with a balance of viable Directors. Please reply by Friday, 26 November 2021.

The founding members of the Club subscribed the funds that enabled the Club to be established and the funds were secured by issuing a limited number of debentures. It is a requirement that a majority of Club Directors should be those holding debentures. This was originally embodied in the Articles of Association, now superseded by the Club’s Constitution. The remaining Board positions are reserved for other Members.

Debentures have become available from time to time and have been reissued to successful individual General Members who have expressed interest.

This process has, over 60 years, ensured that the Club maintains its objectives, while evolving into a major community amenity.

For further information, please contact the Chief Executive Officer in writing.


Simon Cook

Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 877, Ashfield NSW 1800