Students Art Statement & Conditions of Entry Form

To finalise your entry into the Community Art Competition & Exhibition please fill in the form below and submit by Friday 21 July..

This is an online form so please ensure you have filled out the required fields.

Please review your statement & agreement thoroughly prior to pressing “Submit.”

A copy of the form will be sent to us via email, there is no need to print-off and send in.

This is a brief description from the student reflecting on how their submitted work addresses the Wests Ashfield Community Art competition theme “Community” (This statement should not exceed 100 words)
● Images of the student and artwork may be used for future Wests Ashfield publicity material. ● The artwork has been mounted in accordance with the “Guidelines for submission of artworks” and it is understood that failure to do so may result in a non-entry. ● The artwork is the students own work or part of collaborative produced in the visual arts class at this school. ● It is understood that the committee will use its discretion in the display of all works. Given limited hanging space, an entire body of work may not be displayed. ● It is understood that if a work is offered for sale* the curator of the exhibition will make a determination as to whether the intended price is reasonable within the context of the exhibition and if it is not we understand the work will not be offered for sale. ● It is understood that there are no facilities for storage of artworks beyond the final collection date. Artworks will be disposed of if they are not collected by this date.
I would be interested in offering my work for sale during the Wests Ashfield Exhibition
If you have answered YES, how much would you like to sell it for?