Mick is now a consultant in the field of Voice IT Management and concentrating on football with commitment to the Wests Magpies and the 4 teams within that club. With wife Vicki who is teaching Pre-kindergarten at MLC College, they have 2 sons, Todd 32 and Kodi 22. The whole family is involved in the fitness industry through son Todd’s new fitness centre at Concord, Complete Strength and Performance.

His distinguished career as a Rugby League player began with the Wests Magpies in 1973 and included stints at Balmain and Umina on the NSW Central Coast, prior to his retirement in 1981. Mick continued his involvement in Rugby League through various roles that included Western Suburbs Jersey Flegg Coach in 1995-96, Metropolitan Cup in 2000 and Junior Representative Selector - New South Wales Rugby League 2003-2009.

His current sporting endeavours include regular golf, surfing and rowing competitively at Masters Regatta level.

As well as being a Debenture Holder and Director of Wests Ashfield Leagues, Mick is Chairman of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club. He remains an active member of the Pratten Park Magpies Past Players Association and a member of the Men of League organisation.

He continues to develop and maintain long standing friendships and business relationships through his outgoing approach, resulting in a wide network of contacts in both business and sport.

Mick brings to the Board a wealth of Wests history, strong business acumen and a welcoming approach.